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Indalo PED water dispenser

Pure water perfectly filtered by reverse osmosis. It’s an innovative Indalo PED water dispenser, without bottles and for $1 a day.

Ideal for all types of offices, banks, offices, waiting rooms, gyms, beauty centers, among others.

It’s a purified Indalo PED water dispenser for your office or workplace, elegant and with the latest technology in reverse osmosis filtration and water optimization.

Indalo PED is the best option for your business or office.

Compact and elegantly designed, Indalo PED is planned to take up little space, in colors that match any decor. It can be installed in any place, close to a water inlet, where immediately and from day one, it will become a source of purified, fresh, and healthy water for all your employees.


  • Five-stages reverse osmosis system.
  • Hot and cold water.
  • Compressor cooling.
  • Heating power by 550W.
  • Cooling power by 90W.
  • Hot water temperature: 85-90ºC.
  • Production: 5 Lts. /H.
  • Cold water temperature: 5-10ºC.
  • Pressure pump.
    • Optional:

    • Re-mineralisation.
    • Alkalization.


    • Cold and hot water.
    • No contamination.
    • Fully sealed equipment.
    • Fixed monthly rate, no extra charges.
    • Saving money and space.
    • Prevents contamination caused by plastic bottles.
    • Quick and easy installation.
    • Free installation.
    • Technical service and warranty included in the price.
    • Possibility of free trial for 7 days.
    • Modern and elegant design

    Say goodbye to plastic bottles!

    Say goodbye to this obsolete and unsafe way of drinking water for yourself, your employees and your customers.

    Plastic bottles bring many drawbacks to your workplace:

    • Expenditure on the purchase of bottles.
    • Risk of disease due to bacterial contamination.
    • Muscle and back injuries for carrying and lifting the heavy water bottles.
    • Space occupied by storage.
    • Hours and even days without water to drink, due to transport delay.
    • Environmental pollution that damages the ecosystem

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