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Ecological System of Disinfection with Ozone

Protect the safety of your customers,. visitors and employees with a 100% natural, non-toxic method.

Cold and alkaline water dispenser, ideal for restaurants and hotels

Save time and money with pure, pollution-free “0 Miles” water that hasn’t been subjected to extreme temperatures in the transport process.

Indalo PED is the best option for your business or office.

It’s a purified water dispenser for your office or workplace, elegant and with the latest technology in reverse osmosis filtration and water optimization.

Indalo purified, re-mineralized, and alkaline water

Our technologically advanced designs have superior performance with every product and guaranteed service technical support. Indalo Water offers water purified and optimization systems that fit the needs of your home, your business, and your budget.

The states of water: Liquid, gas, solid and Indalo Water:

The best state of water!

Beyond hydration

Water is our best defense against all types of diseases. Sixty percent or more of all chronic diseases would be significantly reduced with adequate hydration.

Our drinking water systems help protect your health and your family’s. We provide water for maximum hydration, without the use of plastic bottles that pollute the environment and severely affect your health.

Indalo alkaline water

If you want to be healthy, first of all, alkaline water should become an important part of your lifestyle.

Therefore it is one of the substances that can possibly be consumed because there is nothing healthier for the body than water.

Purify, re-mineralize and alkalinize

Drinking Indalo alkaline water has many notable benefits for your health. Indalo alkaline water is a natural antacid you can have at your home, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; with millions of antioxidants in every glass.

Read what our clients say about us.


Hello, I am Manuel, a doctor in Cuba and Venezuela, my wife is a dentist in Venezuela, both very dedicated to the subject of HEALTH, we acquired the INDALO alkaline water equipment and we are very happy and content because after many hours of research we arrived at the right company (very responsible and serious) and the water is simply incredible … thanks INDALO

Manuel Miranda

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I really recommend 100% this company Indalo LLC, their products are excellent, my family and I are very happy and satisfied. It’s been a year since my husband and I acquired the Indalo Rob, the solution for the treatment of my home water that purifies it remineralized and alkaline and we are in love with this equipment, we forgot to consume water directly from the tap that was falling on us. So bad for so polluted it is, besides that we save ourselves from buying water in such harmful plastic bottles. We are so happy, it was worth making an investment for our health and well-being … WE RECOMMEND INDALO

Jessica Hernandez

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Provide benefits for my health

I contacted Sandra Torres and she gave me a talk about all the benefits that I can obtain when I drink good quality water. Since she gave me the talk I started taking indalo water, and since then it has not stopped taking it until today I have been drinking good quality water for two years and I have been able to see all the benefits that they have contributed to my health. I knew that drinking good quality water was so important for my health, I am very happy with all the results I have been able to obtain, I believe that you have been one of the best investments that I have made that provide benefits for my health.

Miguelina Perez

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Thank you!

Definitely IndaloWater is one of the best decisions we have made regarding our health care, excellent product quality, the taste and freshness of alkaline water is incredible. After the demonstration and information that the people of Indalo give you, you will not want to leave the house without your water. Thank you!

Andreina Herrera

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Grateful and happy with the filter.

The water tastes different and it is a comfort to know that we are consuming alkaline and really pure water. Thank you so much! Update 06/26/2020 Excellent after-sales service Rosangel super attentive to the requirements and Manuel excellent in technical service, 100% recommended.

Carlos Rondon

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Thank you!

Thank you! My experience was the following a few weeks ago the Indalo ROB team presented a fault and automatically I contacted the INDALO work team (Juan); in which I got an excellent response and very gratifying support, where Juan verified the device with just a video conference call and the case was gladly solved, they made a new shipment of the equipment where they cover the transportation costs, I recommend them 100% and grateful again for the service provided.

Fanny Rojas

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100% recommended. EXCELLENT service in EVERY way. You do not know how important the quality of the water you consume is until you educate yourself and become aware of it! For more companies like this, may they change our lives!

Genesys Pinzón

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Since I had the opportunity to get to know the Indalo water filter and became aware of how important the quality of the water we drink is for our health, I recognize that I have done excellent with the consumption of this alkaline water. I highly recommend. Apart from obtaining the great benefits for our health, I cannot fail to comment on how well attended and always willing Irina, who made me understand the investment and benefits, for our health … Excellent service … Do not forget to contact her

Fabiola Colmenares

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Great service

Excellent product. Great service. Responsible, professional and honest. 100% recommended. One of the best decisions I have ever made. You can tell the difference in water from heaven to earth! Health comes first!

Angel Ernesto Vivas

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Me encanta!

La verdad que el filtro me encanta, considero que es una excelente inversión, puesto que la calidad del agua purificada y el funcionamiento sencillo y práctico del filtro es de lo mejor y la atención y el servicio que prestan es incomparable, esa es mi experiencia con ellos.

Adriana Fernandez

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